We’re committed to helping your business succeed and stand apart from the crowd. You already have the best product catalog in the industry; why not couple it with an incredible design?

We’ve assembled an army of talented web developers and designers to ensure your website is professionally designed and looks great. Your dedicated designer will work with you to create your perfect website, a website your customers will love.

Design Packages

Eliminate the confusion that typically accompanies any design project and choose a package (and price) that’s perfect for your business. Rest assured we’ve already screened your designer and know he has all the skills to get the job done.

CSS Only - $399

CSS is a programming language used to define the presentation of your website; it’s what defines your website’s style.

In this package:
  • Customize all website colors including the background image.
  • Customize all fonts, font sizes, font-weights and font effects.
  • Customize the general layout such as website width, which side the navigation is on, etc.
  • For some incredible examples of what CSS can do check out the CSS Zen Garden.

This design package builds on the CSS Only package and enables your designer to define a custom header and footer for your website. Using XHTML your designer will be able to “wrap” your site in a cohesive design by replacing the top and bottom of your website.

In this package:
  • Everything included in the CSS Only package.
  • Hand-coded website header including your logo, any relevant links, search box, etc.
  • Hand-coded website footer including any images, text, links or elements created by you or your designer.

This design package builds on the first two packages and enables the creation of a complete website including whatever content you find most interesting or relevant.

In this package:
  • Everything included in the CSS & Custom Header / Footer package.
  • Up to 5 hand-coded website pages featuring whatever content you decide.
Content Page Ideas
  • About Us
  • Customer Cars
  • Current Projects
  • Current Promotions
  • Employee Directory
  • Photo Gallery

Additional Services

Additional services such as logo design, print ads, banner ads, custom design work, sticker design, shop banners, etc. are all available individually or as part of a package.

Getting Started

Contact one of these approved RPMWare designers.