Generally speaking: yes; however, there are several criteria that determine which brands we're able to add to the RPMWare catalog.


The first and biggest criteria is demand. If every RPMWare account wants a particular brand on their site it will certainly shoot to the top of the queue and be included as soon as possible.

The second criteria is manufacturer support. We rely on the manufacturers to provide their product information in a manner we can use. If the manufacturer doesn't have the information we need or is unwilling to provide it we won't be able to add them to our system.

Requesting Brands

If you'd like to request the addition of a brand to the catalog please open a support ticket. In your ticket please provide as much information as possible about the brand including contact names, phone numbers, and emails of who we should reach out to (if you have them).

Do It Yourself

You're always able to add your own products to the catalog. The products you add are seamlessly integrated into the RPMWare catalog.

RPMWare for Manufacturers

To avoid the demand criteria, you may refer manufacturers directly to our RPMWare for Manufacturers product. We'll even compensate you for the referral if you sign up for our referral program.