Coupons allow you to offer special pricing to those you choose to share the coupon with.

Create the Coupon

  • Click the Product Catalog tab then the Coupons sub-tab.
  • Click the Create a New Coupon link and complete the resulting form.

Assign Discounts

  • Navigate to the Coupon you wish to edit.
  • Click one of the three links to add a brand, product group, or item to the coupon.
  • Start typing in the resulting form to find, select, and add the appropriate brand, product group, or item to the coupon.
  • In the grid below set the appropriate discount. Please see the setting prices guide for more information.
Important! The pricing you define within a coupon replaces the default (or customer level) pricing. This is extremely important when setting your discounts. For example: if your default discount is set to 5% and you want to offer an additional 10% discount with the coupon you should enter the amount as 15%, not 10%.