The RPMWare product catalog is extemely flexible – you have complete control of what products are shown (and sold) on your website. You may add your own products and choose to display all, or any subset of, the products our data team maintains for you.

Choosing what to sell is accomplished by disabling what you don't want to sell. Here's how it works.

Catalog Heirarchy

The catalog is organized into a hierarchy of brands, categories, product groups, items, and fitments.

  • Every item has one or more fitments and belongs to one product group.
  • Every product group belongs to a brand and is assigned to a category.
  • Every fitment has a make (e.g. BMW, Nissan, Porsche) and a model (e.g. M3, 350Z, 911).

Catalog Flexibility

This heirarchy gives you the flexibility to sell exactly what you want by disabling the brands, categories, product groups, items, makes, and models you don't want. Your choices will cascase both up and down. For example:

  • Disabling the ACT brand will remove all ACT product groups and items from your site.
  • Disabling the ACT Clutch Kit - Heavy Duty (HD) product group will remove all items within that group from your site.
  • Disabling the Honda make will remove all items that only fit Honda, and all product groups, brands, and categories that only contain items that fit Honda.

RPMWare will always analyze the entire catalog (including the relationships between different entities in the heirarchy) to ensure that your site shows the exact parts you want it to.

Step by Step

  1. Login to your RPMWare account
  2. Click the Product Catalog tab
  3. From this screen, navigate through the catalog and select the products you want active on your website by setting the Active Status.