You may add as many products as you like to your RPMWare account. Products you add will be integrated seamlessly with the products we maintain, and shown exclusively on your site.

How To Add Products

Before you start adding products it is extremely important that you understand how the catalog works. If you haven't already, please review the guide before proceeding.

Depending on the number of products to be added, you may choose between the following two options. Please note: you may only add products to brands you have created. If you'd like to override attributes we have set use SEO Extensions.

Option 1 - Web Interface

  1. Login to RPMWare and click the Product Catalog tab. All your work will be done within this tab.
  2. Click the Categories sub-tab and create any Categories that you will need. This step is optional.
  3. Click the Brands sub-tab and create your Brand. You may optionally add images to the brand, most approriately a brang logo.
  4. From the Brand Detail page, click the Product Groups sub-tab and create the appropriate product groups. It is typically easiest to create all your product groups at once then move on to creating the items within each product group.
  5. From the Group Detail page, click the Items sub-tab and create the appropriate items. To speed the process you may use the Clone feature to create an identical copy of an item.
Please refer to the understanding the catalog guide if you have questions regarding the different entities or their attributes.

Option 2 - Excel Import

For larger brands it easier to load items in bulk using an excel import. If you'd like to import products using this method please download the RPMWare ES Import Template Excel Workbook and review the Import File Explained article.

  1. Before completing the Excel template you must complete steps 1 through 4 above. Brands and Product Groups cannot be created during the import process.
  2. Review the
  3. Download and complete the RPMWare ES Import Template. You may include more than one brand in each Excel file. Please be sure to:
    1. Check your work. Errors in your excel file will impact your product catalog.
    2. Ensure all required fields are completed in all rows.
  4. Email the completed file to with a body indicating whether the import is an overhaul or standard (explained below).
  5. You'll receive a response acknowledging your submission and ETA for completion.

Import Type

RPMWare supports two types of import:

An overhaul import updates every item within the specified brand. It is used when your import contains the most accurate and up-to-date information for an entire brand. During the import process:

  1. Items that exist in both RPMWare and the import will be updated with the values provided in the spreadsheet.
  2. Items not in RPMWare will be created.
  3. Items that exist in RPMWare but are not in the spreadsheet will be deleted (but can be recovered). Only items contained in the spreadsheet will remain active in your catalog.

A standard import only affects the items within the spreadsheet.

  1. Items that exist in both RPMWare and the import will be updated with the values provided in the spreadsheet.
  2. Items not in RPMWare will be created.
  3. All other items will remain unchanged.


If you have questions or concerns about an import please ask us before you submit your file for processing. While we do check files for structual errors we do not check them for accuracy. It is much easier for us to correct issues before we process your import.