Search Engine Optimization is the process of building a website with the ultimate goal of ranking high on search engines for particular keywords. Your RPMWare website is already optimized for search engines and, for those looking to go the extra mile, our SEO Extensions allow you to tailor the contents of every page on your site.

Out-of-the-box SEO

SEO is a great way to drive traffic to your site without having to spend a cent on advertising. Your RPMWare website comes with a variety of built-in features to help you achieve your goals.

  • Each page has a unique, search-engine-friendly URL.
  • All pages have descriptive title tags.
  • All pages have descriptive heading tags.
  • All product descriptions are loaded with keywords.
  • Multiple images are available for most products.
  • Technically speaking, all pages are highly optimized to load quickly without error.
  • Pages are coded using valid, standards compliant HTML.
  • And many more.

Building Traffic

The most optimized site in the world will fail without someone dedicated to promoting the site. It works a little like this: the internet is huge and search engines cannot add every single page to their index (database). Given this limitation, the search engines use formulas to determine which sites (and pages) are important and dedicate more resources to finding, indexing, and displaying results from those sites.

To do well in search engine results you MUST build a popular site.

In other words: a more popular, but less optimized, site will almost always outrank the less popular, more highly optimized site.

Moving On Up

There are things you can do to get yourself moving up the ranks. The most important thing Google tracks is PageRank. It’s basically a popularity index based on what sites are linking to your site and how many of them there are. If you could manage to score links from CNN, Ford, Yahoo, Digg, Facebook,, TechCrunch and Gizmodo you’re PageRank is instantly going to be better than the guy with one link from Bob’s Muffler Barn.

Get out there and get the word out. Write articles for online magazines, start a blog, submit pictures of your shop cars. Basically whatever you can do, aside from spamming, to get your name out is going to help your PageRank.

SEO Extenions

SEO Extensions allow you to add meta tags to products and override the descriptions we set on products. Invest some time and create some custom descriptions for your top selling product groups. Make sure they are absolutely awesome, loaded with the keywords (terms people may be searching for) and extremely helpful.

Don't Hire An "Expert"

Please, please, please do NOT pay anyone any sum of money if they call themselves a SEO expert and promise to "get you on the first page of Google" or make any other ridiculous claims. Google is a behemoth and its first page is very valuable real estate if anyone knew the secret to getting results on the first page, they wouldn’t be after us, they would be after clients with much deeper pockets.