This guide will walk you through configuring your Google Merchant Center account.

Verify Your Domain

If you haven't already verified your domain name with Google you'll see a message asking you to verify and claim your website in your Google Merchant Center Account.

In Google Merchant Center click Business Information then Website

Complete verification following the steps in the How do I verify my website with Google article.

For more information you may review this Google support article.

Set Your Default Domain

We use your default domain to generate the product URLs in your feed. Your default domain name should match the domain you verified with Google.

  • In your RPMWare account, click Configuration.
  • click Website.
  • enter your default domain name and click Save. Your default domain name should be the same domain you verified in step one.

Configure Google Shopping

Step 1: Setup FTP

We will upload your feed to Google every night using FTP. Follow these steps to set it up.

  1. In Google Merchant Center, from the settings drop click SFTP / FTP / GCS.
  2. From this page, copy the FTP username and password into the Google Shopping configuration in your RPMWare account (click Marketing then Data Feed then Configuration).

Step 2: Configure Your Feed

  1. In Google Merchant Center, click Products then Feeds then New (plus sign).
  2. choose your Target Country from the drop drop list
  3. enter rpmware_feed.txt as the Feed name
  4. click Continue
  5. on the next page select Upload as the Input method and click Continue
  6. enter rpmware_feed.txt as the File name and click Save

Note: All the feeds are updated nightly around 3AM EST. Any changes (or new feeds) will be live after the next run.

Step 3: Configure Tax and Shipping

You must configure tax and shipping within your Google Merchant Center account before Google will approve your feed. Please refer to this Google support article for instructions.

Important Notes

  • Your RPMWare website will always calculate tax and shipping based on your configuration within RPMWare, NOT based on your Google Merchant Center configuration.
  • You have have setup a Fixed Price or Free Shipping shipping adjustment, we will send those rates to Google. That means: you product will display as Free Shipping or Fixed Price Shipping on the Google Shopping website.