You may use the following credit card numbers to run tests on your Authorize.Net account.

370000000000002    American Express Test Card
6011000000000012   Discover Test Card
5424000000000015   MasterCard Test Card
4007000000027      Visa Test Card
4012888818888      Visa Test Card
4222222222222      Visa Error Test

Use any expiration date after today. If a CVV is required use any three digit combination (four digits if you're using American Express).

Important: These are not real credit card accounts and will not generate an approval if your account is in live mode. They will return a decline in live mode and an approval in test mode.

Simulating Errors

The last testing card number is used to generate errors. This card is intended to return errors and should only be used if that is your intent. For example, you should use that number if you're testing your site to see how it will respond to Authorize.Net errors.

To cause the system to generate a specific error, send a transaction with the card number 4222222222222 and an amount equal to the number of the error you want the system to return. For example, if a transaction is sent to the system in test mode with a credit card number of 4222222222222 and an amount of 12 dollars, the system will respond with: Error 12: Authorization Code is required but is not present.