Setup customer levels to offer different pricing to different groups of customers. This is useful for giving high volume customers special discounts, setting up a wholesale website, or even managing a loyalty program.

Setup Customer Levels

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Open the Customers tab then click Customer Levels.
  3. Click the Create a New Customer Level link and save your Customer Level.

Assign Customers to Customer Level

  1. Navigate to a customer's detail page then click edit.
  2. In the edit form, select the appropriate Customer Level from the drop-down list and click Save Customer.

Setting Pricing

For every brand, product group, and item you're able to set pricing for both the anonymous customer level and the customer levels you have defined above. For help with setting pricing please review the guide.

Customers who are logged in will see the pricing you assigned to their customer level in the shopping cart. If no pricing is defined for the customer level, then the anonymous pricing will be used instead.