There are a number of options you can set to customize your RPMWare website. If you're looking for design or content documentation please refer to the Your RPMWare Website section.

The Basics

  • Display Name and Display Slogan: These values are used in the page titles of your website.
  • Email: Emails sent from your website (e.g. order confirmations) will be sent from this address.
  • Google Analytics Account Number: Track important metrics in your Google Analytics account. See the setup guide.


You may use up to 5 domain names with your RPMWare website. You must provide the domains here so RPMWare knows which site to display for which domain.

Custom HTML <head> Content

You may use this section to add custom content to the html <head> section of your website. This is typically used to add global meta tags, insert some javascript, or setup a favicon.

Custom Order Confirmation Page Code

You can specify custom code to be shown only on your order confirmation page. Several services (such as Google Adwords) require a snippet of javascript code to be inserted on your order confirmation page.

How to setup a conversion script

  • click the Configuration tab
  • click the Website Configuration link in the right sidebar
  • paste the tracking code from your analytics service in the Order-Confirmation Tracking Code box
  • click the Update Website Configuration button to save your changes