RPMWare supports two types of shipping calculations: live rate calculations from UPS, FedEx and USPS; and static rate calculations which you define yourself.

Live Rate Calculations

Live rate calculations return exact shipping quotes (based on zipcode) from UPS, FedEx, and USPS (United States Postal Service). You may choose to mark-up or mark-down the rate returned.

Enabling Live Rate Calculations

RPMWare allows you to choose exactly which UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping methods you offer to your customers. You can set this up from your Dashboard:

  • click the Configuration tab
  • click Shipping Methods in the right sidebar

On that page, you'll see the chart below. Check the Enable box for each option you'd like to offer.

You may optionally adjust the rate by entering a value in the Mark-Up/Down column. A value of 1.00 will charge the exact rate returned, 1.25 will charge 125% of the rate returned, and 0.50 will charge half of the rate returned.

How Live Rates are Calculated

Live rates are calculated using APIs provided by UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Your website retrieves the retail rates for the services you have enabled and marks them up or down per your configuration. If any rate returns $0.00 it is excluded from the results shown to your customer.

Static Rate Calculations

Static rate calculations allow you to define your own shipping rates based on a variety of criteria. These are extremely useful for offering discounted shipping such as $5 Flat Rate or Free Shipping.

  • Service Name: The name you want your customers to see (e.g. Free Shipping Over $150 or Ground Shipping)
  • Minimum Order Amount: The lowest order amount you want this shipping rate to be available for. If you enter $150 this rate will only be available if the item total is $150 or higher. If you enter $0 it will be available on all orders.
  • Maximum Weight: This allows you to exclude orders over a certain weight. For this rate to be available the item weight must be equal to or lower than the amount entered here.
  • Oversize Handling: This allows you to ignore, exclude, or require oversize items.
    • Ignore: shipping rate will be available to all items.
    • Exclude: shipping rate will not be available if an oversize item is in the cart.
    • Require: shipping rate will only be available if an oversize item is in the cart.
  • Base Rate: This is the rate charged per order. Tip: if you want to offer $5 shipping set this to $5 and leave the Per Pound Rate set to $0.
  • Per Pound Rate: This is the rate charged for each pound in the order.

Contiguous US Only! Static rates are only calculated for shipping addresses in the contiguous US (Lower 48). Static rates will not be displayed or available to international customers.

Example Static Rate

With a Base Rate of $10 and a Per Pound Rate of $1:

  • a 5-pound order will ship for $15 $10 + (5lbs * $1).
  • a 1-pound order will ship for $11 $10 + (1lbs * $1).

Other Shipping Options

  • Ship From Zip Code: This will be used as the origin zip code for all live rate calculations. You may use either your own zip code or the zip code of your warehouse.
  • Handling Fee: An optional per-order fee. This shows as a separate line item.
  • Allow Alternate Shipping Address: If checked your customers will be allowed to enter an alternate shipping address at checkout. If unchecked the option will not be present.

Shipping Adjustments

You may use shipping adjustments to adjust rates for a particular brand, group, or item.