Using an email address is easy, can be free, and helps present a professional image.

Select a Provider

RPMWare does not provide email hosting. We believe in focusing on what you do best and hosting email just isn't on that list for us. Email is a critically important communication tool and you should take care to select a reputable, reliable provider. We've listed a few we recommend below.

Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of tools like email, calendar, calendar, and documents for businesses. There are both free and paid versions. We've been using the free version here at RPMWare since 2005 without any issues.

Setting up Google Apps is extremely simple. Once you create your account and login, Google will walk you through the steps to get started. If you get lost, there is a very detailed setup guide to get you back on track.

Other Providers

If Google isn't for you, one of these providers may fit the bill.

  • Rackspace provides both Rackspace Email and Microsoft Exchange. Exchange offers some advanced features that you may find useful.
  • Sherweb provides hosted Exchange.
  • Intermedia is another hosted Exchange provider.


Regardless of provider you will have to complete some setup to create your user accounts, assign passwords, etc. Each provider has their own support articles to help you through that process. Once you have configured your user accounts you'll need to update your DNS so that email is routed to the correct servers for processing.

Google Apps

If you choose to use Google Apps and RPMWare DNS your DNS is already setup. Follow the steps in our DNS Guide (if you haven't already) and you're ready to roll.

Other Providers

Your email providers will give you at least one (but likely more) MX records which you must add to your DNS. It is important to remove any existing MX records before adding the provided records.

Heads Up! DNS allows you to receive email, not send it. You will be able to send email with an incorrect DNS setup. Send yourself a few test messages to confirm you're receiving mail.