RPMWare supports a variety of payment methods to help you get paid quickly for your online sales. It's easy to configure any combination of payment methods.

Credit Cards

If you'd like to accept credit cards check the Accept Credit Cards? checkbox and select the specific card types (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) you'd like to accept.

Live Processing

With live processing enabled your customer's credit card will be processed at checkout. If the payment fails your customer will be given the option to try another card. Without live processing credit card details are saved for manual processing.

We support Authorize.NET, PayPal Website Payments Pro and iDeposit for live processing.

If using Live Processing, you may choose to ‘Capture’ or ‘Authorize’ the charge at the time the customer checks out.

  • Capture: A credit card transaction request to capture, or settle, funds for a purchase. The payment gateway submits the request to the card issuing bank for authorization and will automatically submit the transaction for settlement upon approval.
  • Authorize: A credit card transaction request to only authorize, or reserve, funds for a purchase. The payment gateway submits the request to the card issuing bank for authorization, but no further action is taken. Also called "Auth-Only."

Live Processor Setup

Based on the live processor you select you'll be asked for that processor's API credentials (PayPal uses the PayPal credentials - see below). You may obtain these credentials by logging into your account with the processor.

Check & Money Order

If you choose to accept check or money order no payment will be collected at checkout. After enabling this option you can configure a message to be shown to customers selecting this option (e.g. please mail checks to: ).


RPMWare supports both PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Website Payments Pro. For configuration instructions please see the How do I configure PayPal? question.

Need a Credit Card Processing Account?

If you don't accept credit cards, or you'd like to work with a better processor, our credit card processing program is the best in the industry. For more information, or to get started today please visit our credit card processing page.