Who are you guys?

RPMWare is a small team of industry veterans dedicated to creating incredible software applications for shops, warehouse distributors and manufacturers. We’ve been at it for 5 years now.

We’re best known for creating turn-key, pre-loaded online stores for performance shops – websites with tens-of-thousands of part numbers from over 300 different manufacturers – websites that sell over $2-million of your product each month.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Not at all. We bill monthly and you can cancel at any time, so there’s no long-term commitment.

What happens to my data?

After you send us your raw materials we process all of your product information into an industry standard format. The process typically takes 2-4 weeks.

Once that’s done, we make your product line available to RPMWare clients to sell on their websites, over the phone, and in their showrooms.

Who are these clients?

RPMWare serves hundreds of shops and distributors in the automotive aftermarket. Collectively, they sell millions of dollars worth of parts each month.

Can I cancel?

Absolutely. We’re not fans of lock-in. If we can’t earn your business every month, we don’t want your money.

Can I export my data?

Yes! We’re working on functionality to let you export your data on-demand. Until that’s ready, we’ll be happy to help you export your data into a format you can use.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. All your data is stored at our secure datacenter. Sensitive information like credit cards and login credentials are encrypted at all times. All sensitive business is conducted over industry standard 128bit SSL. We’ve taken every reasonable precaution to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Does RPMWare sell parts?

No, we don’t. Our founders are industry veterans with lots of experience but our focus now is on building RPMWare to help you grow your business.

Can I remove my brands from an RPMWare client website?

We stay completely neutral when it comes to relationships between our clients and any third party but we’ll help as best we can. There is no off button. However, there are legal avenues you may pursue. The most common of which is a DMCA takedown notice which we, by Federal law, are required to comply with.

What format does RPMWare require the data to be in?

It doesn’t matter to us. All RPMWare asks is that you upload what you have via your secure administration area. If you have your data in AAIA/Legacy/ACES/PIES – kudos to you – send it. If you have your data in Excel, send it. If all you have is a PDF, send it. Once we review what you have provided, we’ll contact you and make specific requests.

How long does it take to add our brand to RPMWare?

This depends on a few factors. Smaller lines can take as little as a week. Bigger lines may take up to 6 weeks. It all depends on cleanliness of data, accuracy of data, number of groups, number of applications, etc.

When does billing start?

RPMWare does not start billing you until 30 days after your sign up date, but not before your brand goes live. RPMWare will contact you and let you know when your brand is live and when billing will begin.

How do we keep RPMWare updated on changes to our product line?

Tell us! Add data@rpmware.com to ALL mailing lists you have. In order to ensure data accuracy for RPMWare Clients, RPMWare needs to be in the loop on New Product Releases, Price Updates (please give up a 30 day lead), Discontinued Items, Superseded Items, Updated Applications, New Images and ANY other changes to the product line. You can also manually upload any updates via your Admin Area.

Where do RPMWare Clients buy our product line from?

RPMWare refers customers to YOUR WDs and Resellers. You can maintain a list of approved WDs via your Admin Area. You can even add your own in-house contacts for direct sales.

What metrics does RPMWare report to us?

RPMWare reports aggregate data on your brand’s activity. Total part numbers, total number of groups, percentage of RPMWare clients with your brand active, total sales across your brand, total sales on a particular part number, top selling items by quantity and price and top selling items per month. If you require specific metrics, we can help you with that, as well.

What data format does RPMWare export for us?

RPMWare provides exports of your brand’s data for both humans and machines. As you can imagine, humans and machines require considerably different formatting and organization. RPMWare takes this into consideration and provides Price Guide and Application exports for both. If you require specific export formats, please contact us.

Does RPMWare monitor and/or enforce MAP for us?

No. RPMWare is not a monitoring or enforcement arm for manufacturers policies. That said, RPMWare does support your policies and can help you ensure they are followed. At the end of the day, all IP provided to RPMWare remains your property as the IP owner. RPMWare clients have the right to use provided IP so as long as they follow your policies. If RPMWare clients are operating outside these policies, you may report these violations and RPMWare will contact them on your behalf, report the violation, and give them an opportunity to conform. If any particular RPMWare Client chooses to continue to operate outside your policies, RPMWare can restrict access to your brand without affecting other RPMWare clients that choose to follow your policies.

Please review this support article for a complete explanation of our MAP policy.

How does RPMWare help market our Brand?

RPMWare gives RPMWare clients the ability to add your brand to their website or line card and start selling your products at the click of a button. RPMWare will feature your brand on our Blog as a Manufacturer Showcase when you initially go live. This familiarizes current RPMWare clients with who you are, what you do, and why your products are great. Ongoing, we will continue to run Press Releases on new products as you send them and keep RPMWare clients in the loop with any changes to the line.