The weather is changing and winter projects are starting to take shape. Are you going to provide the parts this fall or be sitting around complaining about how slow it is? Follow our lead and be sure you’re phones will keep ringing thru the off-season.

  1. Ensure all your products are up to date. If you’re not using a service like RPMWare make sure you get new price and application guides from all your manufacturers. New products are coming out just in time for SEMA. Make sure you’re representing your product mix well.
  2. Check your pricing and adjust accordingly. Customers don’t shop 100% on price, but they aren’t going to pay an extra $50 for your service. Spend a couple hours researching the competition and make sure you’re competitive.
  3. Get Noticed! Building your customer base requires a multi-part approach. No single campaign will net great results. Become active in web forums, feature project cars on your website and promote the hell out of them. Your customers want to deal with a real shop, not some kid in his Mom’s basement. Give them that confidence, show them what you can do.
  4. Don’t forget Marketing 101. Flyers, Magazine Ads, Stickers, E-Mails, Press Releases and even Mailers can be effective mediums for getting your business noticed. Talk to manufactures and organizations like SEMA about getting contact lists to get the word out to your target market.
  5. Get a RPMWare Account. We had to throw a plug in here somewhere. Give yourself some time to concentrate on marketing your business while we handle the boring stuff. RPMWare is a complete website solution including a constantly updated e-commerce catalog with over 90,000 part numbers. Select the brands you want to offer, set your pricing and you’re ready to roll.
  6. Join the Club. Car Club, SEMA Board, BBB, whatever it is – get involved. Committing some time to committees or groups can get you some much needed market networking as well as company recognition. Most are free or very inexpensive and results can be amazing if you’re willing to expend the effort.
  7. Under Promise, Over Deliver. We only advertised 5 helpful hints, but you’re getting 7. Pass on the favor and send your customers something special with their orders. You’d be surprised how far a handwritten “Thank you” on the invoice goes toward building loyalty.

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