Function & Form Autolife Inc. is proud to announce that we will be adding the Ford Fiesta ST to our list of Type Two applications. This is our first kit made for the Ford make, so we took extra care to ensure that every detail is as exactly how we wanted it. Our Type Two kit for the Fiesta ST is designed to enhance the nimble handling that this car is known for. This kit is available for all 2012 – Present Ford Fiesta ST models. Specs are as follows:

  • Spring Rates: Front 6K, Rear 4k
  • 32 levels of dampening
  • Dampening adjustments made with a knob that “clicks” at each level
  • Steel lower mounts for maximum strength
  • Ride height adjustable separate of pre-load
  • Special oil lubrication to withstand conditions from 40 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius

For more information on these coilovers, check out Function & Forum Autolife.

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