Subaru BRZ STI

When Subaru Japan updated their website a few days ago to include a section dedicated to the “Subaru BRZ STI”, it set off a firestorm of rumors, speculation and excitement across the industry.

Is there now a turbocharged BRZ ready to hit the market?  Larger displacement? AWD?  Larger displacement, turbo and AWD?  I swear I could feel fanboys across the forums vibrating my keyboard with giddiness.

Well, all those things may someday be a reality, but 7Tune put together an informative article to try and separate fact from fiction.

You should click the link and read the article, but if you just want the cliff notes, here they are:

  • It’s a BRZ STI tS (more on that last bit in a second)
  • No Turbocharger, No AWD, No Larger Displacement
  • 200HP
  • Same Exhaust
  • An STI tS, literally stands for “Tuned by STI” – tS is akin to an M-Sport 3-Series, whereas an STI is a full blow M3
  • There will be a STI tS and an STI tS GT.
  • The GT will have a dry carbon GT wing that was pulled from the Impreza RA STi parts shelf along with black multi spoke alloy wheels, Recaro front seats, shift knob, steering wheel button, kidney grill inserts, upgraded fog lamps and surrounding garnish, front under spoiler and side steps, strengthened driveshaft, Bilstein suspension upgrade and almost pointlessly, 6 pot Brembo brakes.
  • The non-GT will sport a wingless arrangement, silver alloys and less trim additions, including the Recaro seats.
  • There will be 500 tS BRZ’s with the GT spec getting an allotment of 250 units
  • Subaru plans to unveil a face-lifted model for the BRZ in October

No word on how Toyota will play their hand, nor any word on if a beefier BRZ (or FR-S) could be another year (or more) out.  For now, there’s plenty from the aftermarket to keep tuners happy.


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