This morning at 10:46AM EST your website was dramatically improved. It’s faster, it’s easier to find parts, messages are more clear, and it’s better optimized for SEO. You’re going to sell even more parts.


What’s New (Quickly)

We’ve made changes that are sure to help your customers find the parts they are looking for as quickly as possible.

  • All product listing pages have been optimized.
  • Product listing pages can be filtered by category, brand, and/or vehicle.
  • You can share a link to a specific vehicle (see all parts for a 2013 BRZ).
  • You can share a link to filtered parts for a specific vehicle (see all coilover systems for a 2013 BRZ, or see all TEIN coilover systems for a 2013 BRZ).
  • All page <title> tags and <h1> tags have been optimized for better SEO.
  • Your customer has more prompts to select a vehicle.
  • Universal parts are shown higher on the page.
  • If a part is not available for the selected vehicle, we provide a link to parts that do fit.
  • All messages have been rewritten to be more clear and helpful.
  • Oh yeah, it’s about 30% faster!

The Highlights

Parent Category Page

This page has long been the bane of Matt’s existence and today we replaced it with a much better version.


Gone is the all-text page with links to subcategories. In it’s place we show all the product groups within that category with filters on the left to narrow by subcategory, brand, and vehicle. Once you start filtering, you can also remove the filters to see more parts.

Link to Vehicle & Improved Page

You may now select and link to a particular vehicle with a SEO Friendly URL like

On top of that we’ve replaced the old vehicle page with a new one that gets your customers right to the parts.

New Grid Layout

One of the easiest ways to get customers to the parts more quickly is to put more parts on the page. We didn’t add any extra parts to the page, but we replace the old list-style layout with a new grid layout to get more products to the top of the page. In the old version I could see 5 parts before having to scroll. In the new one I can see 16!


More Prompts to Select a Vehicle

When your customer lands on a product page without selecting a vehicle, your site will prompt him to select his car.


Once, he does we’ll send him right to the part he needs or show a list of available parts when there is more than one.


Fewer Dead Ends

If you customer is looking at a product, selects a vehicle, and finds out it won’t fit your site now shows a link to parts that will fit his vehicle.


Optimized Titles

All page <title> tags and <h1> tags have been optimized for better SEO. They update based on which page the customer is browsing and what filters are selected.


Other Improvements

  • We revised all the messages your customers see while browsing for parts to be more clear and helpful.
  • After selecting a vehicle, universal parts are hidden by default with a more prominent message to show them.
  • Universal parts are shown higher on the page.
  • We’re speed freaks. We sped things up by about 30%.

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