The newest release of RPMWare has gone live and with it comes features many of you have been asking for.  This newest release includes a handful of features that will allow you to set your site apart and improve search engine rankings.  Don’t just rely on Google to ‘do it’s thing’ – take control and be noticed.

Meta Tags

Meta Demo

Meta Keywords – You can add as many Meta Keywords as you wish to each Brand/Group/Item.  These will appear in the source code as <meta name=”keywords” content= XXX, XXX, XXX/>.

Meta Descriptions – Just like Meta Keywords, we also empowered you to add Meta Descriptions to each Brand/Group/Item.  These will appear in the source code as <meta name=”description” content= XXXXX XX XXXX/>.

Each Tag is Unique to each Brand/Group/Item, so get as specific as you want and make your page blossom on the search engines.

Custom Descriptions

Don’t like what RPMWare has preloaded for a Description of a Brand, Group or Item?  Well now you can do something about it.  The ‘Description’ box under SEO features will replace whatever RPMWare has provided with your own tailored information.  Maybe you want to use our Group Description, but point out some key features of the Item – No problem – Item Descriptions will show on the Item Page in place of the Group Descriptions RPMWare provides.

Just enter your descriptions, click Save and you’re done! Come back anytime and make additional changes.

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Give your customers a soapbox to stand on and provide you and other potential customers with some valuable information.  The Customer Reviews feature is unique and there are some choices you need to make about it.

First of all, it is completely optional.  Under your configuration tab, their is a new Tab called ‘Reviews’ with two choices.

1) Enable Reviews – If you don’t even want reviews on your site, uncheck the box and they’re gone.

2) Share Reviews – If you want to enable reviews from your customers to appear on other RPMWare Clients site, and in return receive their customers reviews, check this box.  If you only want reviews from your customers only appearing on your site and nowhere else, uncheck this box.

Reviews Admin

Additionally, under the Product Catalog Tab, you now have two new Tabs; Product Group and Item Reviews.  Before any Review goes live, you have the ability to review and approve it.

RPMWare has some big plans in store – so if you have any requests or ideas on improving RPMWare please feel free to call, e-mail, write, open a support ticket or find us on Live Support!

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