Facebook just released a major update to pages. Have you updated your page yet? We have. These new pages are huge for businesses that have something cool to show off. Our industry oozes cool stuff to show off – I bet you’re working on something awesome right now. Take an hour this weekend and let the world know about it.

RPMWare Facebook Page

Kyle’s 3 point guide to Facebook Awesomeness

  1. Do something awesome. In our industry that’s a given. You’re building cool shit every day.
  2. Take a good picture. Grab an app like Camera Awesome and snap a couple pictures, apply some effects. Boom!
  3. Best picture = Facebook cover photo. You have 268,065 pixels (815 x 315) to make an impression. Use it!

Kyle’s 5 tips for great pictures

I’m no professional but these tips should work 90% of the time. Of course, if you are a professional, carry on … nothing to see here.

  1. Clean up. Cluttered pictures are boring.
  2. Zoom in. I don’t care about the banner on the wall or the scenery. Walk closer, zoom in, crop.
  3. Get down. Cars look best when shot from a lower position. Kneel down then shoot.
  4. 1%. Don’t post every picture you take. Post the best.
  5. Easy on the effects. Less is more. Stick to one or two effects.

Need Help?

Our friends at Pix-L Graphx eat, sleep, and drink Facebook. Give Alcides a call and they’ll whip something up for you at a reasonable price.

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