Injector Dynamics Press Release – F750 Fuel Filter Product Release

June 27th, 2017 by databot

The Next Step in Filtration

The Injector Dynamics ID F750 is the first performance filter designed to meet strict OE filter requirements, namely Bosch’s specification for electronic fuel injectors. It is the result of substantial research invested in improving the service life of our injectors.

In addition to improved filtering, the ID F750 offers numerous features designed to increase performance and function.

Filter Efficiency

Electronic fuel injectors are built to precise dimensions, measured in microns. The smallest of particles can increase wear, or even destroy a fuel injector. Bosch provides a specification for protection of electronic fuel injectors, which is a minimum capture efficiency of 87% at 5 microns, and 100% capture efficiency at 35 microns. This means that the filter will capture at least 87% of all particles 5 microns and larger, and 100% of all particles 35 micron and larger. The filter element in the ID F750 meets that specification, and does so without undue flow restriction.

Flow Restriction vs Contaminant Load

The ID F750 is designed to hold a high level of contaminant while maintaining low restriction to flow. This is accomplished with a highly efficient filter element, designed with low pressure drop in mind. At a flow rate of 750 liters per hour, the ID F750 will hold five grams of contaminant, the equivalent of approximately one teaspoon before requiring replacement. Higher flow rates are possible, but will require more frequent filter changes, depending on the cleanliness of your fuel system.

Delta P Indicator

Delta P is short for delta pressure, which is the difference in pressure between two points. In this case, those two points are the inlet and outlet of the filter. The Delta P indicator gives a visual indication of the condition of the serviceable filter element, so that it can be replaced before it becomes a problem.

Spin on Housing With Safety Latch

The spin on filter housing features a safety latch to ensure that the housing can not spin off, should it loosen. It is easily released with one finger, and emits an audible click during assembly.

Pressure Relief and Drain

The ID F750 includes a standard Schrader valve and an o-ring sealed spin on barb which actuates the needle. This valve can be used for pressure monitoring, draining the system, or relieving pressure for filter changes.

Modular Mounting Bracket

The modular design allows for numerous mounting options, from the standard 90°, straight, and reverse 90°, to roll bar tube mount brackets, and everything in-between. Custom brackets can also be provided for application specific fitment.

Optional Pressure and Temperature Sensor Block

The plug and play pressure and temperature sensor features a Bosch Motorsport 10 bar (145 psi) pressure sensor, with integral -40 to 140°C (-40 to 284°F) temperature sensor. It installs with two screws, and adds 30 mm to the overall width. Due to its compact size, it can be added to most systems without need for re-plumbing.

Technical Manual

Design intent, detailed specifications, filter theory, installation instructions, servicing, etc. are all covered in detail in the comprehensive Technical Manual.

For more information on the ID F750 fuel filter, check out Injector Dynamics.

K-Tuned Press Release – New EG/EK/DC2 CMC Reservoir!

June 27th, 2017 by databot

You no longer need to get an S2000 CMC and adapter to have the reservoir mounted directly on your master. The K-Tuned reservoir removes the stock line and remote mounted reservoir. Using a custom fitting and double seal the aluminum reservoir is mounted right to the CMC similar to the S2000 style. Machined from 6061 aluminum it offers the same volume as OEM. The double o-ring seal ensures no chance of leak. The diaphragm allows fluid movement without letting air interact with brake fluid. This is crucial as brake fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs water from the air) which can cause premature clutch fatigue and overheating.

This can be changed without re-bleeding clutch system. First, place an absorbent towel or cloth below the CMC. You do not want brake fluid to come in contact with any paint. Remove the clamp on the hose at the master cylinder. Pinch the line as close to the master as possible. This will hold most fluid inside the line and stock reservoir. There will be a small amount of fluid inside the fitting and line that will leak. Be ready for it before you remove the hose. Once the hose is removed you can next remove the fitting on the master. Place a small amount of lube/oil on the o-rings before installing. You want to first press the fitting into the bottom of the reservoir. This can be done using a 12mm socket and extension. Use a small amount of loctite or similar thread locker on threads of fitting and install the reservoir into the master. Once finished you can slowly fill the reservoir with new brake fluid. Test the clutch pedal to make sure it still feels the same and no air was introduced into the system

For more information on this CMC kit, check out K-Tuned.

DiabloSport Press Release – Now Supporting 2017 Chevrolet SS

June 26th, 2017 by databot

Being best in market is a trend we’re pleased to continue setting for the GM line of vehicles. 2017 Chevrolet SS 6.2L support is now live on the industry-leading Diablo inTune i2 and Trinity tuners! This head-turning and tire-roasting sedan is a fan favorite for a high horsepower sleeper. Now you can add more power to your 4-door muscle car with DiabloSport tuning, all without popping the hood or turning a wrench.  Equip your 2017 Chevrolet SS with DiabloSport performance tuning today!

For more information on these products, check out DiabloSport.

Synapse Press Release – New Sizes for Titanium Bends!!!

June 26th, 2017 by databot

We at Synapse would like to announce an expanded offering of sizes for our Titanium fabrication bends program.  We began the program by making 3″ and 4″ 90 degree bends and straights available to the high-end talented fabricator community.  We have now added sizes from 1.5″ to 2.5″ in both straights and 90’s.  This will allow you to expand your fabrication capabilities with Titanium to building headers and wastegate dump tubes.  Unlike many of the offerings on the market today for Ti bends, the Synapse product is an 0.058″ (1.5 mm) wall thickness to insure that the minimum tube wall thickness of 0.048″ (1.2 mm) at the bend radiuses is not too thin and in danger of buckling or cracking.  You will find that our prices are still very competitive even though the product uses more Titanium, by weight, than other market offerings.  The product is commercially pure T1 grade Titanium that is easier to weld with the right weld rod.  Due to the higher costs of Titanium fabrication please communicate to us all feedback that can reduce or impact their acquisition costs, such as making shorter straight lengths or shorter leg lengths with bends. You will want to partner up with the high-end fabrication and welding professional that is well versed in the art of TIG welding.  If they don’t know what a Pyrex cup and lens are, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree!

Please visit Synapse website for the complete listings.

Bully Dog Press Release – 2017 F-150 Support for Bully Dog GT Gas Tuner

June 23rd, 2017 by databot

Our fan base requested support for the 2017 Ford F-150–and Bully Dog®’s world-class engineers listened. We’re pleased to announce support on our popular GT Gas tuner for the 2017 Ford F-150 5.0L V8 and 3.5L V6! Our valued customers wanted more power from the 5.0L V8 and 3.5L V6 engines–and we delivered big time. Here’s what to expect from the GT Gas Tuner (Part Number #40417).

2017 F-150 5.0L
Heavy hauling is how most 5.0L owners task their F-150. With a best in class 3,270 lb payload and power ratings of 385 HP and 387 FT-LBS, the 5.0L F-150 is a real workhorse. Bully Dog decided to take it a step further. Our calibrators made max gains of up to 17 HP and 21 FT-LBS of torque, added about 500 RPM worth of powerband to the top end, and made noticeable increases through the midrange areas of the torque curve. This gives drivers the ability to maintain a large safety margin for towing heavy loads. With three power levels to choose from, driving coach, diagnostic tools, and the ability to adjust a variety of customizable parameters, the Bully Dog GT is the ultimate performance upgrade.

2017 F-150 3.5L
The 3.5L V6 FFV is designed to operate effectively while keeping operating costs as low as possible. Considering the 282 HP and 253 FT-LBS it produces, Bully Dog calibrators set out to prove that there’s always room for improvement. By adjusting pedal maps, completing road testing and transmission tuning we managed to produce peak gains of up to 14 HP and 16 FT-LBS. We also saw max gains of 18 HP and 18 FT-LBS under the curve. With three power levels to choose from, driving coach, diagnostic tools, and the ability to adjust a variety of parameters, the Bully Dog GT is the ultimate performance upgrade for this naturally aspirated 3.5L V6.

For more information on this tuner, check out Bully Dog.

Moroso Press Release – New Supercharger Tank for Mustang 2015-Up with Ford Performance and Roush Performance Supercharger Kits

June 23rd, 2017 by databot

Product Description:

  • Direct bolt-in replacement for the tank that comes in the Ford Performance Part No. M-6066-M8627 supercharger kit or Roush Performance Part Nos. 421542, 421823 & 422001 supercharger kits or tanks factory installed on Roush supercharged Mustangs
  • Fabricated of aluminum for strength – can be polished, chromed, powder coated or left as-is for a race look
  • Can be packed with ice for the track or dyno pulls for quicker E.T’S and more horsepower
  • Accepts factory screw on cap

For more information on this supercharger tank, check out Moroso.

Brandmotion Press Release – New Ford Super Duty OEM Handle Camera!

June 22nd, 2017 by databot

Provide your customers a high-quality rear view camera at a less than factory optioned price. The new Brandmotion 9002-6512 for 2017-Current Ford Super Duty trucks includes an Authentic OEM™ factory tailgate handle and bezel with an integrated rear view camera. In reverse, a complete wide-angle view of everything behind the truck will be seen, through a high-resolution camera! Optional grid lines can be added to aid in parking.

Key Product Features

  • Authentic OEM Ford factory tailgate handle
  • High definition, high contrast image
  • CMOS color camera
  • Optional parking grid lines
  • 1 Lux for illumination & sharper image
  • 640 x 480 camera aspect ratio
  • NTSC
  • Chassis harness ends in RCA
  • Waterproof case w/ anti-fog lens

For more information about these items, visit Brandmotion.

Moroso Press Release – New Supercharger Tank For ’15-Up Dodge-Chrysler Challenger and Charger Hellcat/Demon

June 22nd, 2017 by databot

Supercharged cars run hot so increased cooling capacity is a must for horsepower. To combat that heat build up, Moroso has released the Supercharger Tank for 2015-17 Dodge-Chrysler Challenger and Charger Hellcat. This Supercharger Tank is a direct bolt-in replacement that uses the factory mounting bracket. Fabricated out of aluminum for strength, the Supercharger Tank can be polished, chromed, powder coated or left as-is for a race look. The tank can also be packed with ice for the track or dyno pulls for quicker E.T’S and more horsepower. Features billet aluminum neck and comes with Moroso Radiator Cap.

For more information on this Supercharger Tank, check out Moroso.

COBB Tuning Press Release – Subaru GD Flex Fuel Kit Release!

June 21st, 2017 by databot

Similar to our GR and DIT Flex Fuel releases, all COBB kits are plug and play! This is the easiest to use and most sophisticated Flex Fuel kit on the market. Ethanol percentages will be displayed using a custom V3 Accessport monitor.

A complete plug and play solution enabling users to convert their supported Subaru STI to a Flex Fuel configuration without losing factory compensations. This is the easiest to use and most sophisticated Flex Fuel kit on the market. Utilizing OEM fuel and electronic connectors, the Ethanol Sensor Kit measures the ethanol content of fuel being fed to the motor. That data is then converted into a signal that the ECU can use for adjusting calibrations and to be displayed on a custom Accessport monitor.

For more information on these new items, check out COBB.

Magnaflow Press Release – New Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust System for 2009-2017 Nissan 350Z 3.7L!

June 21st, 2017 by databot

New Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust for Nissan 350Z 2009-2017 3.7L!

Made in the USA and engineered to last, for those seeking increased performance and better economy, MagnaFlow Street Series Performance Exhaust systems deliver the smooth deep sound you want and the wide-open performance power you need. Our exhaust systems feature straight-through flow designs for the ultimate in unrestricted horsepower and torque for big power while maintaining exhaust efficiency. These systems are an engineered balance of interior and exterior noise levels and are tested against SAE j1169 standards.

Product Features:

• All Mandrel Bent Tubing

• 409 Stainless Steel Construction

• Increased Horsepower and Torque

• Lifetime Construction Warranty

• Made in USA

For more information on this product, please visit Magnaflow.

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