GoogleVoice LogoIt’s no secret we’re a big fan of Google over here and their suite of applications (ok, so we didn’t understand Google Wave either).  Hosted GMail provide our e-mail service and every RPMWare site comes pre-configured to support it.  Google Product Search is a killer way to drive sales and increase exposure.  Google AdWords and Analytics are a one-two punch for advertising and tracking conversion rates, traffic and more.  So when we heard that Google Voice was in Beta, we jumped at the chance to – at the very least tinker with it – or perhaps even integrate it into our day to day.

All I can say is, Google has changed the way we do business, again.  Depending on how you want to be contacted, you can set up your Google Voice number to call your shop phone, cell phone or any other phone at specific times through out the day.  Say you sleep from Midnight to 6am, no problem, you can setup your Google Voice number to not call you.  Then, when you hit the road at 8am on the way to the shop, you can have your Google Voice number ring your cell phone.  Once you get to the shop at 9am you can have Google Voice ring the shop until 6pm, then back to your cell from 6pm until whenever.  Bottom line, you decide how and when you are contacted.

Also, with the Google Voice Extension for Google Chrome, you can turn your USB headset into a phone and call any number listed on a web page with the click of a button or simply place a call from within the browser.  ALL FOR FREE!  I’ve only scratched the surface and haven’t even mentioned the free voicemail, visual voicemail, free local phone number, face to face video chat and so many other features.

If you already have GMail, just look for the ‘Call Phone’ icon near your GChat list, otherwise, check out Google Voice and sign up for an account. Then install the Google Voice Chrome Extension for added productivity.

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