The EMail Oracle sees and knows all – now it’s willing to talk.  This new plug in for GMail is fantastic for those that are juggling e-mails, call backs and follow ups.  A plug in that intergrates effortlessly into your current GMail interface, EMail Oracle will track and confirm whether a recipient has opened your e-mail – but even more useful – will remind you to follow up if you haven’t heard back in a preset amount of days.

Too many e-mails get sent with a request for an ‘activator’ in a response.  If you don’t hear back, that next step doesn’t happen.  So don’t let tasks and to-do’s get buried, now you can follow up and make sure everything you need to get accomplished, get’s accomplished – regardless of the other party responding.

To get this GMail plug-in, mosey on over to EMail Oracle – it’s a quick install.  If you’re feeling particularly amiable, you can even use our coupon code UGOO7SICTSMY8.

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