I have always been a big fan of Zappos.com not just because they are the standard for e-commerce but more to do with the fanatical customer service they offer and the company culture that they eat sleep and breathe. Here are a couple of interesting things you might not know about how Zappos.com does business.  Oh btw before you rush to judgement some of these points,  Zappos sold more than a BILLION $ worth of goods last year and was acquired by Amazon for $1.5 Billion.

Zappos lessons: Building a Customer-Focused Culture

  1. Zappos offers ppl $2k to quit in first few wks to test their loyalty.
  2. Think long term 75% of orders are repeat customers. Only worry about 25% who dont come back. 75% from WOM.
  3. Build your team. Hire slowly, fire quickly. #retaildelivery. cheaper to get rid of ppl who dont’ fit, thn to keep around.
  4. Build relationships (and I would add, measure them:)) be interested rather than trying to be interesting
  5. Be transparent, be real + you have nothing to fear. your culture is your brand
  6. Zappos rules — no sales based performance goals or call times, + 5 hours of culture training
  7. Create fun and a little weirdness
Check out this in-depth interview with Tony Hsieh founder of Zappos.com

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