Megan Racing Press Release – New Track-Series Coil-over Damper Kit for 2008-14 Subaru Impreza WRX!

August 29th, 2014 by Ernest Lo


For those who demand the absolute most in handling and performance from their 2008-14 Subaru Impreza WRX, Megan Racing has developed a new series of fully adjustable Coil-Over Damper kits for limited applications. The new Track-Series Coil-over Damper Kit surely stands out above the rest with the dependability and performance that Megan Racing suspension products are known for. With a gunmetal finish for the brackets and coated springs for durability, it is apparent that the Megan Racing Track-Series dampers mean business. However, beyond their aggressive appearance stands the true essence of these Dampers. The increased spring rates, mated with more aggressively valved dampers, stiffer shock setting, and heavy-duty piston construction add up to a suspension system that out-performs most competing suspensions that retail for almost twice the price.

Set as an option for those who demand a more aggressive suspension setup compared to our Street-Series Damper Kits, the Track-Series Damper Kits provide higher spring rates to accommodate for smoother circuit and road course conditions with matching damper capabilities to handle the heavier spring rates. The ease of use and adjustability remains the same to that of our Street-Series Damper Kits where ride height, camber adjustment (for strut-type applications) and separate spring perch are present features to allow the full customization of suspension tuning while retaining full shock stroke, and allowing the tuner to set corner balance of the vehicle to optimize the handling characteristics of the vehicle.

For more information on this product, check out Megan Racing.

GSC Power Division Press Release – BRZ/FR-S Valve Spring Kits Available Now!

August 28th, 2014 by Ernest Lo


All new GSC Power-Division Beehive Spring Kit with Titanium Retainers for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS. The 5056 Spring kit uses Chromoly spring seats to locate the ovate wire beehive spring and utilizes lightweight, precision Titanium retainers. This is absolutely the most lightweight, strongest spring kit for the FA20 platform. Capable of 35 PSI of Boost at 9,500 RPM, it’s a must have for high boost, high RPM builds. Pair these with a set of GSC Bronze Valve Guides for the best valvetrain available for the BRZ/FRS.

For more information on this product, check out GSC.

DEI Press Release – New 8″ Titanium Protect-A-Boots!

August 28th, 2014 by Ernest Lo


DEI TITANIUMTM spark plug boot protectors are the latest in thermal protection technology. Mined from lava rock, stranded and woven into a proprietary weave, Titanium Boot Protectors are engineered to withstand temperatures up to 1800°F of direct heat.

  • Ultimate protection for spark plug boots & wires
  • Strong, durable & long lasting construction
  • Resistant to chemicals, abrasions & other contaminants
  • Universal-fits most straight or angled boots
  • Perfect for LS motors!

For more information on these products, check out DEI.

Injen Press Release – New SP1999 Short Ram Intake For 2014 Infiniti Q50 3.7L V6!

August 27th, 2014 by Ernest Lo


New from Injen is the SP1999 Dual Short Ram Intake Kit for the 2014+ Infiniti Q50 3.7L V6!

Key Features:

  • Two (dual) Dry SuperNano Web filters X-1063-BB
  • MR Technology – patented tuning process that keeps air/fuel ratios within OE tolerances
  • Machined MAF sensor pad
  • Powder coated heat shields
  • Mandrel Bent aluminum induction tubes
  • Rinforced silicone couplers
  • SS band clamps

For more information on this product, check out Injen.

KW Suspension Press Release – New Coilovers for 2015+ VW Golf VII GTI Without DCC!

August 27th, 2014 by Ernest Lo


KW Suspensions announces their stainless steel constructed coil-overs for the 2015+ VW Golf VII GTI, without DCC. All 3 Variants of the KW suspensions coilovers will be available.

The KW coilover suspensions for the 2015+ VW Golf VII GTI, without DCC enables the owner to lower their vehicle 15-45mm on the front axle and 20-50mm on the rear axle and retains enough travel to handle maximum load and dynamic loads during driving.

Variant 1 with its preset dampening rates permits customized lowering of the suspension.

Variant 2 allows modifications in ride height and rebound dampening.

Variant 3 permits adjustable (and independent reacting) rebound and compression damping with height adjustability.

All KW coilovers come with a lifetime warranty and pass stringent German TUV safety & quality testing standards. Each kit is TUV approved.

KW automotive North America, Inc. is the distribution base for KW automotive, GmbH, a manufacturer and distributor of KW suspensions performance coilover systems. Also home to sport truck lowering component manufacture Belltech Sport Trucks and ST suspensions.

For more information on these products, check out KW Suspensions.

aFe Power Press Release – New Magnum FORCE Stage-2 Air Intake System for 2011-14 Ford F-150 V6-3.7L !

August 26th, 2014 by Ernest Lo


aFe is proud to introduce the all new Magnum FORCE Stage-2 air intake system for the 2011-2014 Ford F-150 V6-3.7L engine. In our testing, this Stage-2 intake system resulted in +10 horsepower and +15 lbs. x ft. torque and outflowed the factory intake by 52%. This highly engineered system features a one-piece, durable 18-gauge, wrinkle-black powder-coated heat-shield and a mandrel bent, wrinkle-black powder-coated aluminum intake tube. Improving airflow further is a large 7″ tall filter an industry first 3-angle adaptor that optimizes the airflow for maximum horsepower and torque. The air filter frame is constructed using 100% polyurethane for long life and durability. The air filter media is washable and reusable which allows for multiple cleaning cycles. The kit comes complete with all necessary hardware. Order Now! Pro 5R (P/N: 54-12592) or Pro DRY S (P/N: 51-12592)

For more information on these products, check out aFe.

AEM Press Release – Performance Suspension Strut Bar Builds upon Legendary Mini Cooper Cornering!

August 26th, 2014 by Ernest Lo


Most car or truck enthusiasts picture a cold air intake system when they hear the name AEM. AEM Induction Systems has made great headway and built its reputation on cold air induction systems, but since 1987 Advanced Engine Management (AEM) has been in the business of improving performance. More power is only one aspect of the driving equation. Being able to properly control horsepower in the nimble 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Mini Cooper models equipped with an AEM cold air intake system is crucial to solving the performance equation.

When a car equipped with a McPherson Strut suspension system, like the 2007-2013 Mini Cooper, is being driven through a turn there is inherent flex in the strut towers and chassis. It’s not uncommon to experience as much as 1/8” of shift in the strut towers during hard cornering. This flex can result in unpredictable handling of the car. An effectively designed strut tower brace, like those from AEM, will transfer the load incurred by shifting weight between the two strut towers and reduce the effects of chassis flex. The end result is tighter handling and more precise cornering.

Unfortunately, many of the aftermarket strut tower braces available have a hinged design and therefore offer little support to the strut towers. An effective strut tower brace, like those from AEM, must be rigid throughout its length. Additionally, strut tower braces on the market for a Mini Cooper will interfere with an AEM cold air intake system. This is where AEM Induction Systems factors the 29-0005 and 29-0005R performance strut tower braces for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Mini Cooper models into the equation.

AEM performance strut bars are an excellent bolt on solution to the issue of strut tower flex in the 2007-2013 Mini Cooper. AEM performance strut tower braces are constructed using thin wall mild steel tubing for a good strength to weight ratio. They are built with a rigid design to effectively tie the two strut towers together. Best of all AEM designed the 29-0005 and 29-0005R performance strut to be compatible with the unique AEM Mini Cooper cold air intake systems. AEM performance strut tower braces will not interfere with the AEM cold air intake systems 21-699C, 21-719C and 21-721C for 2007-2013 Mini Cooper models.

The AEM performance strut bar, number 29-0005 or 29-0005R, is designed as a bolt on chassis upgrade for the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Mini Cooper and reuses OEM mounting hardware. The 29-0005 and 29-0005R performance strut bar is guaranteed to work with AEM Cold Air Intake Systems 21-699C, 21-719C and 21-721C. As with an AEM cold air intake system, AEM performance strut bars are designed to last for the life of your vehicle. Constructed in the U.S.A with high quality mild steel, and protected with a choice of charcoal gray or candy red durable powdercoat finishes, AEM warrants that its performance strut tower bars will last for the life of your vehicle.

For more information on these products, check out AEM.

Manufacturer Showcase – Speed Mounts

August 25th, 2014 by Matt Gold

Speed Mounts products are available NOW in RPMWare!

Speed Mounts

Speed Mounts is your go-to when you need to mount a GoPro to your vehicle. We’re not talking suctions cups – we’re talking vehicle specific mounts.

Tired of mounting your action sports camera by a suction cup mount? Tired of worrying that it will fall off while racing or off-roading? We have the perfect solutions for you!
Welcome to Speed Mounts the newest standard in mounting your action sports camera. We manufacture bolt-on custom camera mounts for:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Jet Ski
  • …and more!!!!

Speed Mounts Vehicle Specific Mount Kits


Speed mounts are direct vehicle bolt-on mounts for several brands of action sport cameras. Speed mounts are made for cars, trucks, suvs, sport bikes, dirt bikes, jet skis, snowmobiles, side by sides utvs, and universal applications. All speed mounts are built from 6061 Billet Aluminum and anodized in a black finish. These mounts make it quick and easy to secure your camera to your specific application. The solid bolt-on mount eliminates the need of the suction cup mounts which can fall off during use. These mounts are built to produce a vibration free video. All applications require no drilling and come with supplied hardware when needed.
direct vehicle bolt-on mounts for several brands of action sport cameras …
Speed mounts are made from 6061 Billet Aluminum and include all mounting hardware. All Speed Mounts bolt to exciting locations for each application and require no drilling. These are true bolt-on mounts!. We also have some great universal applications like tow hook mounts that will work with your factory tow hooks, license plate mounts for cars and motorcycles along with truck bed-rail mounts that use the factory holes.

Speed Mounts Universal License Plate Mount


The angle is nice and low to the ground and provides great footage
Looking for a unique camera angle? The Speed Mounts plate mount will give you just that by using it on the front or rear plate of the car. The angle is nice and low to the ground and provides great footage. Like all Speed mounts it is make from 6061 Billet Aluminum and anodized black for a sleek, smooth look.

Available Today

Interested in selling Speed Mounts? You should be! You can easily add it to your RPMWare website.

  1. Login to your RPMWare account and click the Product Catalog tab.
  2. Scroll down to the S‘s and click Speed Mounts to open it up.
  3. Click the Activate It link to the left and you’re done. Note: it will take 3-5 minutes for your catalog to rebuild before Speed Mounts is published to your site.
  4. While you are in there, make sure you set your pricing.

Need a source to buy Speed Mounts? Contact the official distributor for Speed Mounts:
MVP Motorsports
Phone Number: 940-683-8282

MBRP Press Release – New MK5 VW Jetta 1.9 L TDI Exhaust!

August 22nd, 2014 by Ernest Lo


Built from heavy duty aluminized steel the MBRP Installer Series performance exhaust system for 2005.5-06 Volkswagen Jetta 1.9L TDI offer a value price without compromising on the quality built into every component. While the seams are a major point of rust through with some budget systems MBRP’s fully sealed tubing adds years to your system. Constructed to the same specifications as MBRP’s top of the line Pro Series this line is backed with an industry leading 3 Year Warranty.

For more information on this product, check out MBRP.

GFB Press Release – New Respons TMS Valve For 2015 Subaru WRX!

August 22nd, 2014 by Ernest Lo


GFB Respons TMS valve (part number T9007) features both the GFB patented adjustable bias venting system, and the GFB TMS advantage.

The TMS range from GFB is designed specifically for the purpose of turbo lag reduction and improving throttle response. Tests show TMS features can help return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than a factory diverter valve when shifting gears.

Want sound? Admit it, you do – otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at this product! Even if you only want to hear it a little bit, only some of the time, or hide it from your better half, GFB’s unique patented venting bias adjustment system has you covered – it allows the amount of air vented to atmosphere or recirc to be infinitely varied to change the sound from silent to ear-shattering or anywhere in between, with a simple flick of the wrist!

  • Unique adjustment to easily change distribution of vented air between recirculating and atmosphere ports.
  • Great for cars with sensitive air flow meters as it can be tuned to vent just enough air back to the inlet to prevent backfiring, whilst achieving a blow-off sound.
  • Direct bolt-on fitment NO extra parts, adaptors, or modifications to the car required just take the factory valve off, and put the GFB Respons TMS in its place!
  • Excellent value!

These unique products manufactured in Australia to ISO 9001 can deliver performance with as much or as little noise as you like; with the GFB Respons TMS you CAN achieve a blow-off sound without throwing a CEL, running rich, stalling, using more fuel or causing any other problems commonly associated with atmosphere-venting valves on cars with MAF sensors.

For more information on this product, check out GFB.

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